Course Objectives:

  • Reading and understanding research
  • Introduction to research methods
  • Conducting research
  • Writing research

During the course, you will learn both aspects of research – understanding research and conducting research. The course is structured to ensure that students understand research methods and traditions, learn how to approach different kinds of research and develop critical abilities to understand research. Also, it is designed to teach you how to conduct research, and write and present your research. The final paper will be a short piece of original research based on your area of interest. We will focus on textual analysis and interviews for the research that the student will conduct even as students are exposed to different research tools and methods.

Week 1 What is research?

How does it differ from other kinds of inquiry?

What are your interests?
Week 2 What are the different kinds of research? What do you want to know?
Week 3 Research Methods What is your research problem?
Week 4 Research Methods Literature Review
Week 5 Research Methods: Understanding Life – the lens of humanities Literature Review
Week 6 Research Methods: Dissecting society – the social science petri dish Topic Approval
Week 7 Research Methods: Public Policy and Law Research Work
Week 8 Elements of a research project

Process of conducting research

Research Work
Week 9 Parts of a research paper Research Work
Week 10 What is argument and evidence Writing
Week 11 Writing Research Papers Writing
Week 12 Dissecting your research Writing


Instructor: Aloke Thakore is a Ph.D. in Mass Communication with a distributed minor in Sociology and Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has done academic and public policy research, and has also taught journalism, especially writing, to both students and journalists. His primary degree is in English Literature and he has an abiding interest in subjects conventionally termed as humanities. He also has a Masters in International Relations from the University of Chicago and a Masters in Journalism from the University of Kansas.

Duration: Three months

Class Size: Capped at 15 students

Course Delivery: Online with WhatsApp group for taking the conversations forward

Course Components: Video Lectures, readings, Skype discussions, assignments.

Course Fees: 12000/-

Course Completion Certificate will be given to those completing all the assignments. 

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