While we have been producing educational content for other organisations, we are beginning work on creating educational material both for the formal educational system and for those who are looking at specialised vocational knowledge. We hope to have some of these initiatives in the market by the end of the current fiscal year and we hope to deliver it across platforms to ensure that education reaches all.

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As a company seeded by people trained in the media, we are constantly either working on or thinking of creating engaging media products. We have in the past published India’s only animation industry magazine, books, audio and audio-visual programming. We hope we can tell intriguing and informative stories in the most apposite form that the story demands. We are presently working on a book and a documentary.

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This is a new area of work for the organisation, but it draws upon the experience of the team, which over the years has conducted research in the realm of media and communications research. One of the areas where we hope to work in is social research designed to help public policy, including the discipline of social marketing. Presently, we have a collection of links to useful and interesting research around the world.

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All our work has entailed the designing, whether it is the designing of logos, books, visual graphics or magazines. Now we have started offering design services, primarily in print and graphic designs. Some of the work has been done by our team over the years in their individual capacity and some while creating our own media products. We bring to design not only a creative eye but a communication imperative.


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Knowledge + Communication = Social value

YouTube Channel: Media Literacy

Media Literacy is the need of the hour, and we have made nine videos in Hindi with accompanying teacher’s manual to help young and the not so young understand how the media work. These videos produced for the Centre for Communication and Development Studies can be used by anyone desiring to learn and teach, and help the cause of Media Literacy. The nine videos are:

  1. What does media mean?
  2. What is news?
  3. From Citizen to Reporter
  4. How is news made?
  5. What is the price of news?
  6. Who benefits from the news?
  7. News and Us
  8. Be an aware, reader, viewer
  9. Truth, lies and news

YouTube Channel: K-Class

K-CLASS SCIENCE CHANNEL is the largest collection of Science Experiment Videos on the web. Over 750 videos have already been produced and another 250 are under production. We believe in teaching Science the fun way, and there are several sites that do it. Our approach is slightly different, catering to children, parents and teachers who need curriculum mapped scientific concepts to be understood quickly and in a matter-of-fact way. The K-Class Science Channel does just that. Each video is between 1 and 3 minutes long. This allows the teachers, parents or the child to quickly grasp a concept, and move ahead with their learning. K-Class Science Channel videos are currently being used in over 500 schools and by 7,50,000 students as a part of the K-Class Programme ( Font & Pixel made these videos, from the research to the final product, for IL&FS. The copyright, needless to add, belongs to IL&FS Education.

Sahi Nishaan

SAHI NISHAAN is an attempt not merely to get people to vote, but to get people to think before they vote. The premise of this site, and the associated YouTube Channel, Facebook Page and Twitter Account is that just voting is not good enough. It is important that we think about the choice that we are about to make and then go ahead and vote. So it is not just about an informed choice, but a choice that we can justify to our own self.
The videos on the channel and website, the report card, to assess and rate the contesting candidates, and all the links provided, to the Election Commission and other voter websites, are designed to help us think and then vote.