26/11: Eighteen

26/11: Eighteen

This book pays tribute to not just the eighteen men of the police force and the National Security Guard who were martyred during the terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008, but to all those in uniform who fought and succeeded in restoring peace in the city. Along with brief biographies of the eighteen martyrs, the book contains quotes from some of the officers and survivors of the attack.

Gardner's Horse

Gardner’s Horse

It narrates the history of Colonel William Linnaeus Gardner, who was born in colonial America and from there journeyed to India, the land he grew to love. In the words of Gardner’s great-great-great-grandson, Frank Gardner, we learn about his lineage, role in the British Army, marriage with the daughter of a Nawab, and the raising of Gardner’s Horse, a Corps that still goes by that name.

India the way we see it

India: The Way We See it

The book portraits the country as we see it, through water colours. The geographer, Professor Emeritus and self-taught landscape artist, Hiroshi Shimazaki, attempts to capture the essence of significant monuments and locations across the country, during the many trips he made. The paintings are accompanied by commentaries that support and elucidate that essence.


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Animation Reporter

We published India’s only animation magazine Animation Reporter for over five years. With a circulation of about 11,000, the magazine catered to animation institutes and students.


Film pamphlet

Fork at Mundani

This film, produced for the Films Division of India, looks at the predicament of progress where the imperatives of development have to necessarily clash with the need to preserve the environment. Shot in the mining districts of Sundargarh, Keonjhar and West Singhbhum, the films brings the rapacity closer home — the appetite for minerals that our lifestyle demands.


Business Standard news bulletins

This included production of 15 audio and video newscasts daily, for Business Standard’s website and YouTube channel, along with occasional special videos of interviews with industry experts. The daily newscasts included periodic stock market updates and morning and evening news bulletins.